This is why BSLBATT® LiFePO4 batteries!

Batteries for highest demands

BSLBATT® LiFePO4 battery is an adecuate lead battery replacement equipped with all advantages of lithium iron phosphate technology.

The highest level of safety and long usability are guaranteed, even with regular deep discharges. This lithium technology enables a high cycle life, which makes this battery an ideal traction battery. The LiFePO4 battery is suitable to replace lead batteries like AGM or gel one-to-one without having to adjust the charge-/discharge structure.

Due to the absolutely useable capacity it replaces lead-acid batteries with twice the capacity, despite the extremely light construction.

Easy replacement of lead batteries

AGM- und Gel-batteries can be exchanged easily. Battery charger and power inverter can be continued in use.

Maximum service life

More than 3000 charge and discharge cycles, even with regular deep discharge.

Light weight

LiFePO4 batteries weigh 50% less than lead batteries with the same capacity.

Discharge up to 100% is possible.

Up to 15% more capacity than indicated.

Absolutely safe lithium technology

Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4). No gases, no risk of explosion and fire. No cobalt.

Batterie Management System with Bluetooth

Integrated Bluetooth control and protection against incorrect as wells as short circuit or deep discharge.

High discharge current

Without voltage drop for strong electricity consumers such as a coffee machine or air conditioning.

Fast and efficient charging

Fast and efficient full charge within a very short time.

BSLBATT® LiFePO4 Batteries

Contrast to lead batteries

When considering the costs over the period of use, LiFePO4 batteries are less expensive than lead batteries.

Persistent deep discharging of more than 50 % is not recommended with lead batteries, because the amount of possible cycles is decreased disproportionately strong. In contrast to that a LiFePO4 battery may be discharged up to 90% regularly without causing any troubles or altering the amount of cycles. Thus, a 100 Ah LiFePO4 battery can usually replace a 200 Ah lead batttery. Lead batteries decisively lose capacity after a maximum of 800 charging cycles. Contrary to this, a LiFePO4 Battery manages up to 3000 charging cycles putting on a convincing performance with the following 7000 cycles, too.

In conclusion, a BSLBATT® LiFePO4 battery persists at least as long as three lead batteries, even when used intensively. With regard to weight, lithium batteries should be the preferred choice in contrast to lead batteries.

A conventional 100Ah lead battery weighs about 32 kilograms. A LiFePO4 battery of the same capacity weighs a mere 14,5 kilogram. Thus, the weight reduction is more than 50%. If a 200Ah lead battery is replaced by a 100Ah lithium battery, the weight saving doubles again.

Usable capacity
Cycle life with 50% deep discharging
Weight of 100Ah

Always an eye on the battery status

Battery management system and Bluetooth control

The LiFePO4 battery management system (BMS) which is integrated into every battery ensures protection against the wrong usage of the battery. It switches the battery off in the event of Undervoltage or overvoltage, for example, and automatically switches it on again as soon as the problem is resolved.

Through the integrated Bluetooth interface, the LiFePO4 battery status can be monitored on-demand via smartphone or tablet(Android or Apple iOS). Laboriously wired battery monitors are no longer needed.

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Sustainable. Ressource-efficient

With our LiFePO4 batteries we focus on consistent modular construction

  • Cell Safety Performance Measure: The single cell and pack pass heating, short circuit, nail test and extrusion test, the battery are safe, no fire, no explosion;

  • Module design: better antiknock and excellent vibration resistance;

  • Battery Pack heat radiation: As the simulation testing, 7 degrees less than other batteries; 

  • 5 year manufacturer´s or 10000 hours warranty

  • Professional wiring harness equipment and testing, the process is stable and reliable.

  • Adopting automotive-grade modular design ideas, series products are highly versatile;

  • No environmentally unfriendly heavy metals like cobalt.

● The BSLBATT lithium forklift battery with it’s core technologies to make it stand out from the global market. And bring a bread new world for forklift, material handling equipment, warehousing and etc.

● Use 3000W welding power aluminum bar, low-voltage wiring harness adopts ultrasonic welding/laser welding; higher flow capacity and reliability;

● Compatible with the modular design of the wiring harness (FPCB flexible cable and AWG wiring harness), the modular plug is foolproof and simplifies the assembly process, which improves production efficiency;

● The module bracket design reserves the cell expansion gap; it is more conducive to cell life and heat dissipation requirements;

● Automotive-grade insulation design, adding the module cover/power insulation platform, the insulation level is higher; it is beneficial for the module to be used in high-voltage scenarios.



The First company in China that uses the“all-water system”to produce cells, more environmentally friendly and safer than oily system. BSLBATT CELL adopts Lamination process instead of Windling process. Keep good consistency performance of the cell.

Suitable up to -30°C

The new BSLBATT® Low-Temperature series forklift battery is the first LiFePO4 battery, which can be used even at arctic temperatures up to -30 degrees. Other LiFePO4 batteries cease to function at a temperature of 0°C.

BSLBATT battery pack with heating management during the discharge process, the temperature rises from - 20℃ to 0℃ only takes 25-30 minutes.

No glued shut casing. No welded cells.

Exchange of singular components possible.

● BSLBATT Li-ion batteries heating and condensing systems are solutions for lifts working with products that must be stored in a cooler or freezer. The systems is mainly to maintain their rated capacity and discharge regularly even at extremely low operating temperatures. Compared with lead acid forklift batteries, it could not only keep the Li-ion batteries advantages, but also make sure to work safely. 

● The system consists of two energy-efficient heating elements, controlled fully automatically by the battery management system (BMS), which keeps the cell temperature just above freezing point through the charging current in order to enable the battery to be used under extreme conditions.

● This makes the BSLBATT® Low-Temperature series the optimum solution for traveling to cooler environments or for installing the battery in the unheated part of the vehicle, such as in the battery compartment.

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