BSLBATT Mission Is To Provide Safe, Reliable And Sustainable Lithium Battery Solutions

  • Safety Guaranty

    Safety is the basic for everything. When we are looking forward to a better future, we have to make sure our safety firstly. In the way we are developing and reforming the battery technology, BSLBATT always regard safety as the most important foundation of our lithium battery. BSLBATT first mission is to provide the safest lithium battery to meet people’s survival and health needs.

  • 1>2 Or Even 3

    With BSLBATT advanced lithium technology, we want to change people’s tough situation for using the old lead-battery technology and create a bread new world of using lithium battery in North America. If the world is tending to be high-tech era, Why our workers still have to work in a such low-efficiency environment? Why our factories and warehousing still have to get such low benefit operation under increasing operating costs day by day? 1 is not always < 2 & 3. If 1 lithium battery can be more effective use to replace 2 or even 3 lead acid battery, why not? We have to keep up with the pace of high-tech and improve our work efficiency, bring more benefit from our hard works. We deserve it!

  • How It Is Made - BSLBATT Li-ion Battery

  • LiFePO4 Batteries Are Better for the Environment

    BSLBATT lithium iron phosphate batteries offer several advantages over other technologies in terms of resource consumption and safety and have great potential to help reduce carbon emissions when used in wind and solar power systems. Most importantly, LiFePO4 batteries are inherently stable and non-combustible and free from dangerous and messy outgassing, fumes, and leaks.

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  • Friendly Material for Environmental Protection

    With the growth of carbon emissions, the trend of global warming is becoming more and more obvious, It is urgent to help protect the homeland. BSLBATT has a long term mission to become an important member of protecting the global environment, we think this is the responsibility of everyone on earth. Lithium battery as an friendly material should be more widely spreaded to use for helping reduce carbon emissions. We would be pleased to be such angel disseminator. Protecting Homeland is Everyone's Responsibility.

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