Energy storage battery assembly

The BSLBATT Energy Storage Batteries Assembly plant in Dongguan, China, has an overall extent of 5.900m2, it further increases the production capability in Energy Storage batteries and offers even better delivery times to BSL Batteries Partners. The assembly plant is certified for applying management systems for Quality (ISO 9001:2015), Environment (ISO 14001:2004), Occupational Health and Safety (BS OHSAS 18001:2007), Anti-bribery (ISO 37001:2016) and Compliance (ISO 19600:2014)

Competitive advantages


PACK production equipment: equipped with 4 drum assembly production lines, equipped with cell divider cabinet, cell sorting machine, laser welding machine (2KW, 3KW), high-precision charge and discharge test cabinet (100V50A, 750V200A), two-dimensional code scanning system; Possess 200pks/day PACK assembly production capacity;

Test equipment: constant temperature and humidity test box, salt spray machine, tensile testing machine; ensure effective verification of product reliability;


● Professional production management team in the power storage industry for more than 10 years.

● Equipped with 2 automatic laser welding lines.

● Two large drum lines for energy storage and power production.

● Perfect ERP production process monitoring.

● Sound traceability records of the production process;


● Use imported high-precision measuring instruments to check and control incoming materials;

● Quality inspection and data recording of the entire process of feeding and production;

● Each battery has an independent bar code/two-dimensional code, which is used for the complete traceability of the product and the traceability of the aging data of the charge and discharge cycle;

● Use a variety of imported monitoring and measuring instruments to inspect and record the production process and packaging and shipment;

● A complete product quality standard system has been established;

● A complete product certification system has been established, and the products have global certification

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