BSLBATT Battery Precautions

Precautions during the use of BALBATT batteries and how to storage and Operation!

Battery Precautions:

1. Do not disassemble, resemble, or repair the battery. lncorrect reassembly may cause combustion or electric shock.

2. lf the battery is damaged, contact the place you purchased it.

3. Do not short--circuit the battery, use it near heat or water sources, or allow it to become wet.

4. Do not insert nails or other objects into the battery, strike it, or weld directly on the battery.

5. Do not use a badly damaged battery or operate it with damaged cables or charging adapters.

6. Do not operate this product in explosive atmospheres (i.e. flammable liquids, gases, or dust) or set the unit on 

flammable materials (i.e. carpeting, upholstery, paper, cardboard).7. Do not permit the battery to freeze. Never charge a frozen battery.

8. In case of skin or eye contact, rinse immediately with clean water and seek medical attention.

9. Do not keep using this product if it is damaged, waterlogged, distorted, or broke.

10. This product contains lithium ion batteries. When it is worn out, dispose of it properly using local laws and regulations.


· For storage over one month, place the battery in a dry and ventilated room that is 32 °F~95 °F.

· Do not store near corrosive material, fire, and heat sources. ln order to avoid over discharge, for long-term storage, the power must be turned off and the SOC is · kept above 60% to avoid over discharge the battery must be fully charred and must be charred every 3 months.


· ATTENTION: Before installing, make sure that all appliances are turned off.

· Turn on/off the battery

  Press and hold the "SWITCH" button for 3 seconds to turn on/off the battery, green light indicates power on.

· Remaining battery capacity

  Once the battery is turned on, you can press the "SOC" button to check the remaining battery capacity. The gauge will light up for 3 seconds, there are ten bars    in total, and the reference power of each bar is 10%.

· Alarm

  The battery may shut down immediately due to over-temperature, over-current, unde-voltage, and external short-circuit. When there are only two bars left in the gauce, the gauge will sound an under-votage alarm. lt means the battery needs to be charged. When there is only one bar left in the gauge, the gauge will sound an under-voltage alarm again, and the LED indicator is blinking, once this happens, stop driving immediately and charge the battery as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: Once the gauge sounds an alarm, stop driving and charae the battery as soon as possible. Continue driving will cause the golf cart to suddenly stop.    We are not responsible for any loss caused by the sudden stop of driving in this case.

· Charging

  This battery needs to be used with the designated charger we sell, otherwise it may cause insufficient charging or battery damage. We are not responsible for        any problems caused by this.

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