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    BSLBATT lithium energy storage battery design is based on end-user.

    From the SLA replacement basic series, BSL lithium batteries are not only a simple change from type of lead-acid to type of li-ion, to make an complete upgrade product, we offer high level customized feature with new mold special product by BSL R&D team. BSL Energy Storage System ESS projects were outstanding to be the winner from some international tender. From SLA replacement to home wall mounted, and ESS project, we provide a full storage energy product line of BSLBATT lithium batteries to make sure 24/365 without power failure.

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  • Why LiFePO4?

    ● Longer cycle life than lead acid batteries.  Normally at 3000~3500 cycle times. 

    ● Full power available throughout discharge.  Voltage does not drop like lead-acid. 

    ● Fast charge performance accept the lithium-ion batteries to be full charged in 1 hour. 

    ● Longer warranty (3/5/7/10 years) than lead-acid battery. 

    ● Can be monitored via BMS or Bluetooth from APP to understand well the battery specification and healthy status. 

    ● Lithium battery is the ultimate clean energy.  No gassing, no fumes and no pollution.

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  • Why BSLBATT?

    ● Safety first: BSL lithium batteries designed based on safety. From the heating control, structural design, material selection, production process and quality inspection, it’s strictly required from safety performance. The single cell and pack pass heating, short circuit, nail test and extrusion test, the battery are safe, no fire, no explosion.

    ● Different inverter brand compatibility: BSL lithium batteries are compatible with many different influential inverter brand, like Sol-Ark, Solar Edge, Growatt, Deye, and etc. Also won the official approval from Victron Energy, Studer.

    ● Rich experience in energy storage project: BSL lithium batteries have the rich experience in energy storage project, according to some international ESS tender and some small back up energy system project, we have enough ability and professional solutions to work out perfectly for more new projects.

    ● Technical training: BSL batteries could provide technical training to customers if necessary.

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  • Custom-Tailored Performance

    Certain applications benefit greatly from custom battery solutions. Watercraft, aircraft and other vehicles, for instance, have weight and balance specifications to meet, and customizing your battery helps meet those requirements. Our custom lithium battery packs offer turnkey solutions that combine lithium battery cells, a battery management system, mechanicals, communications and safety certifications.

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  • BSLBATT Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries

    BSLBATT Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries, maintenance-free batteries, are designed to provide premium performance for a variety of applications, including golf cars and other electric vehicles, floor machines, aerial work platforms, boats, RVs, solar energy systems and more. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

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