Lithium Batteries for Floor Machines

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  • Best Lithium Floor Machine Battery

    BSLBATT is the number one floor machine lithium battery manufacturer in China. Our company manufactures the best type of lithium cells, known as Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP or LiFePO4), which is the ideal solution to ensure your floor cleaning equipment is up and running. Floor machines require reliable and long-lasting backup power to ensure the job is complete without interruption. BSLBATT lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 batteries offer a long cycle life and a high energy density. LiFePO4 floor machine batteries are lightweight and maintenance-free. They are also engineered to deliver reliable power and long runtime which cleaning experts expect. Read more below to learn why BSLBATT lithium batteries are rated the best floor machine batteries in China.

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  • Lithium vs Lead-Acid Batteries

    Compared to lead-acid and other lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries offer significant advantages, including improved discharge and charge efficiency. In addition, the longer life span and ability to deep cycle while maintaining power makes them a worthwhile investment and a smart long-term solution.

    • Zero Maintenance
      No battery watering. No engine maintenance. No worries.
    • Safer Facilities
      Improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of accidents by eliminating exposure to flammable fuels and battery acid.
    • Battery Management System (BMS)
      Provides continuous communication between battery and machine to protect the user and equipment from unsafe operating conditions.
    • 5-Year Warranty & BSLBATT Support
      A comprehensive 5-year warranty* backed by unmatched BSLBATT service support and expertise provides peace-of-mind.
    • Proven in the Most Extreme Environments
      Powered by leading-edge technology, BSLBATT’s lithium-ion batteries are a proven power source in rigorous applications and environments. Extensive testing ensures these batteries meet the highest design and safety standards, as well as meeting UL and UN 38.3 standards for safety.
    • Long Battery Life
      BSLBATT’s lithium-ion battery has a life of 2,000+ charge cycles. This means fewer battery replacements.
    • Simplified Operations
      No need to learn complicated charging processes and no fuel tank swapping or storage.
    • Maximize Productivity
      Optimize equipment uptime and spend more time cleaning with opportunity charging.

    Economically Customized 25.6V 100ah lithium battery

    BSLBATT : More intelligent 24V 100ah floor machine lithium battery

  • Robust LiFePO4 Floor Machine Battery

    BSLBATT manufactures the most reliable lithium ion deep cycle battery for floor machines. BSLBATT LiFePO4 batteries are constructed using strong ironclad casing, a battery management system and energy-dense prismatic cells. The smart built-in battery management system (BMS) works to protect the battery against failure and damage featuring protection against both over-charge and over-discharge. It also allows the battery to be stored with a partial state of charge without causing damage. BSLBATT supplies lithium floor machine batteries to thousands of customers across Global . The batteries are used to power the most popular floor machine brands such as  3M, Nilfisk, Clarke, Bissell, Betco and Atrix.

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  • Complete And Flexible Lithium Ion Systems

    Specify BSLBATT’s complete and flexible system solution to provide you with all the components you need to keep your machines running. BSLBATT offers stand-alone Li-ion battery solutions as well as complete and fully machine integrated systems to meet your needs.

    ● Industry proven and preferred lithium ion battery chemistry 

    ● Stand-alone or fully integrated machine systems

    ● Redundancy and safety at all levels 

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  • 24VDC Lithium Ion LiFePO4 Battery

    BSLBATT LiFePO4 batteries allow for equipment design, functionality improvements and deliver productivity gains through enhanced cycling. Improved charge time and weight reductions in stationary and mobile applications. Dramatic improvements in cycle life and charge efficiency combined with zero maintenance cost provide the end user with significant cost of ownership savings.

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    BSLBATT has been in the lithium battery manufacturing business for years. We have developed the most reliable lithium floor machine batteries available in China. Depending on your battery floor scrubber requirements, our batteries are offered in 12V, 24V 36V and 48 volt battery system. BSLBATT LifePO4 batteries are also exported worldwide to floor machine companies. Get in touch and our battery experts will help you find the best lithium battery solution for your floor machine.

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  • Increased Runtime. Increased Productivity.

    Lithium batteries charge quickly and can be opportunity charged without damaging the battery. This can significantly extend the range of your LiFePO4 battery per shift.

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    See the chart below to learn about the consistent power throughout the charge.

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