Forklift battery assembly

The BSLBATT Lithium Forklift Battery Assembly Plant in Huizhou, China, and Hefei, Anhui, has an overall extent of 5900m2, Covers a variety of technologies, it further increases the production capability in motive batteries and offers even better delivery times to BSLBATT Partners. The assembly plant is certified for applying management systems for Quality  (ISO 9001:2015), Environment (ISO 14001:2004), Occupational Health and Safety (BS OHSAS 18001:2007), Anti-bribery (ISO 37001:2016) and Compliance (ISO 19600:2014)

Lihium Forklift Battery Competitive advantages


Raw material storage

● 600 storage locations for card boards

● Incoming material inspection: 210m²

● Finished product warehouse: 500m², 300 card board position

● Finished product quality control: 100m²

● 3 loading and lifting positions

● Recycling area: 120m²

Lihium Forklift Battery Production:

● One semi-automatic production line and one auxiliary production line

● 2 assembled workbenches for fast and effective production of products

● 1 set of automatic laser welding equipment, CCD camera intelligent recognition to ensure product consistency

● Implement electronic monitoring and production record system

Lihium Forklift Battery Quality:

● 2 sets of charge and discharge test equipment to ensure the quality of shipments

● Multiple inspection procedures, multiple instrument testing

● Quality personnel conduct final inspection on each battery pack in a special area

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