BSLBATT® is one of the lithium battery companies in China

our mission is to provide safe, reliable and sustainable lithium battery solutions to power homes, businesses and communities around the world.

As a household battery brand and lithium battery manufacturer, we fulfill this mission by:

 Provide brands and products that contractors want and need at competitive prices.

 Maintain a state-of-the-art delivery system to ensure orders are delivered to job sites when and where they are needed.

At BSLBATT, we are more than a lithium battery manufacturer, we are a team of innovative problem solvers with a passion for transforming the energy industry.

With a focus on sustainable development and cutting-edge technology, we are committed to providing the best lithium battery solutions for homes, businesses and communities around the world.

As experts in the trade, we deeply comprehend the unique needs and challenges of our customers, and we tirelessly strive to enhance our products and services to better cater to those needs. Together, with our valued customers, we are creating a brighter and more sustainable future with BSLBATT.

Currently, BSLBATT lithium battery companies has offices in Huizhou, Hong Kong, Mexico, and the United States creating value for global customers.

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