There are Severel Advantages To Using BSL Lithium Batteries Over Lead Acid Batteries.

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2021-06-04

In this day and age, not all batteries function in the same way – causing many businesses to face a choice when it comes to their high-value material handling equipment and vehicles. Cost is always an issue, so making sure they are working as efficiently as possible is always key. 

With so many companies in the world that rely on well-functioning forklifts to run their operations, which forklift battery they opt for can have a significant impact on their bottom line. So is a lithium-ion battery a good replacement for lead-acid?

For more information, you can check out: There are several advantages to using BSL lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries.


There are several advantages to using BSL lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries.

First is productivity.  Charging takes 2 hours or less, and allows for economic use of shift changes and lunch breaks. Lead batteries take 8-10 hours to charge, and require a dedicated space.

Second, the batteries are maintenance-free. You don't need a battery room or a specific place to charge them. They don't contain evolving battery gases or toxic substances like lead or mercury, and there is no need for an extraction unit. 

Lithium-Ion batteries do not need to be replaced, by quick-changing during downtime, such as a shift change or lunch break, they can be used under full power through several shifts. Interim charging does not affect the battery services life.

BSL batteries have a longer life. 3500 full charging cycles with at least 80% residual capacity.  Afterward, several thousand full cycle charges are still possible.  And there is an autonomous self-monitoring battery management system to check the status.

BSL batteries perform well in cold areas. The pack has a heating management system during the discharge process where the temperatures rise from -20 C to 0 in only 25-30 minutes.  Generic battery packs will take up to 90 minutes.


● no battery room

● 2 or 3 shifts working

● lithium fast charging 2 hours or less

● lead-acid battery 8 to 10 hours

● can be charged during lunchtime

● no maintenance

● no battery gas 

● no need for extraction unit

● battery can be added to a warming system and be suitable for colder areas down to -20 Celcius.

● can be used in cooler area offer more energy for the same size Pantages to using BSL lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries.

● 950+ Models Of Lithium-Ion Batteries For Nearly Every Make And Model Of Electric Industrial Trucks

Lithium-ion forklift batteries hold an advantage in every single category....easier maintenance, faster charge, higher capacity, consistent strength, longer lifespan, safer to use in the workplace, and they’re also better for the environment.

While lead-acid forklift batteries are much cheaper upfront, they require much more care and don’t perform as well.

For many businesses that once focused on the price difference, they are now seeing that the additional cost of lithium-ion upfront is more than made up for by the many advantages that they offer in the long run. And, they are making the switch to lithium-ion!

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