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Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2023-08-14

Hi everyone, I am Ian, the sales Engineer from BSLBATT. Today I am going to show you our BSLBATT golf cart lithium iron phosphate battery .


Our golf cart lifepo4 battery battery is with a wide range of voltage, from 36Volt to 72Volt including 48v lithium ion golf cart battery ,with common capacity like 60 ,104 ,134,156 for dropping in ready for many famous golf carts.


Of Course , we also provide customized service as your special request .

As you can see,what in front of me is a hot model as well as the best seller in the golf cart lithium battery market , 51.2V104AH.

Our 48v golf cart batteries lithium is with a iron case which spraying paint with special navy blue color combined with our BSLBATT main red color , it is very handsome ,right ? Besides, The body of the our battery is adopted a special matte texture process, and look at this, this is a humanized designed handle, which is convenient for your to lift the battery up. now, let me show you our battery’s output port,The first one is the negative port And the second one is a switch Then a Communication port for charger A Screen or meter interface connection port And these 2 ports are positive ports for this battery.Except for these ports,we can also provide you 12V negative and positive port for converting DC-DC for golf carts’ appliances like the lights and the sounds of the carts.


What is the advantage of our golf cart lithium battery compared to other brands ?


BSLBATT golf cart lithium battery is IP 54 and built-in battery management system. Addition, we provide 5 years warranty for our customers.


Our golf cart lithium battery have 50 miles Typical Mileage Per Full Charge and it is with 1.5C Continuous discharge rate ,and over 3C Peak current last for 10S high performance, as we have a 3C relay solution in our battery-control , what is more , inside the battery , there is a 350A Fuse to protect our whole battery circuit, the main player is our automotive-class BMS who will intelligently monitor and protect the whole battery to avoid overcharge, over discharge, high and low temperature damage and provide abnormal alarm. Last but not leastlet us go to see our battery accessories,We will provide ,

1.A communication chargers

2.A Touchscreen or a meter (depend on which you choose)

3.A bracket to fix the battery and your cart (it is also optional )

4.And other accessories , like the charging temperature sensorcharging indicatorcharging base and charging gun, and also the cables of screen /meter communication , cables of charger and so on.

Well , I believe we have browsed a lot of accessories today and our BSLBATT have rich experience in golf cart lithium battery ,and we also offering a range of support services to help our golf cart enthusiasts navigate the golf course.


Okay , so much for today , if you still have any problem or you are interested in our golf cart lithium battery , please click the website https://bslbattery.us for inquiry or pick up your phone to call BSL. We are more than happy to serveyou !Have a nice day!


BSLBATT battery is a fast-paced, high-growth (200% YoY ) hi-tech company that is leading the adoption of lithium-ion technology solutions. We design, manufacture, and sell advanced plug and play lithium-ion battery packs that are disrupting the 100+-year-old market for traditional lead acid batteries. Our battery packs are used to power industrial and commercial equipment like forklifts and Renewable Energy, as well as new applications like Golf Cart, Floor-Machines, Marine and Mobile Elevated Work Platforms stations. Our products comply with UL2580/UL1973/UN38.3/ROHS/IEC62133/CE/CB standards.


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