BSLBATT 51.2V 65AH Golf Battery Unboxing

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2023-07-21

Today BSLBATT brings you the 51.2V65AH golf battery unpacking. Our LiFePO4 48v battery are designed to meet the power and energy needs of all types of Golf carts、Yamaha PTV、Club Car LSV.No need to modify the battery trays, and no extra components or retro-fit kits are needed. Simply remove your old batteries, drop in, connect and go. 

The LFP elements of the BSLBATT 48 volt lithium ion batteries have the following advantages: LFP elements • Steady discharge voltage. • Life: Battery life exceeds 3500 cycles. • Difffferent temperature range. 

The Bench board of the BSLBATT golf cart lithium battery has the following advantages: • Built-in Wi-Fi. • Magnetic base has a bright display. • Charge levels are accurate to 1%. • Displays errors and warnings. 

BSLBATT lithium batteries undergo rigorous quality control checks and tests at every stage of assembly to ensure reliable, consistent, and high-quality products. 

If you or your golf car want to know more about the consultation of lithium batteries, you can contact us in the following ways!

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