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We are pleased to be representative BSLBATT in USA market. Lithium ion battery has been an indispensable part for electric area. We are aiming to help North American clients to make a best choice of selecting the lithium battery with reliable quality & high-cost efficiency.

BSL battery is the leading manufacturer to provide lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) for electric forklifts, material handling equipment, warehousing, golf carts and energy storage. Our wide variety of standard and high-performance batteries ensure we have what you need when you need it. Our sense of fulfillment is to help clients improving their safety, work-efficiency and happiness from works, life and living environment.

We do want to change people’s tough situation for using the old battery technology and create a bread new world of using BSL lithium battery in North America. Join with us, easy work and happy life.

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