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BSL Golf Cart Charger user manual V2.3

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BSLBATT lithium ion battery datasheet are available for download and can be found for each individual product within the Product Specification Guide.

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  • LiFePO4 Total Cost of Ownership

    Do LiFePO4 batteries cost more or less than lead-acid batteries over their operation lifetime? In this analysis, we present the results of a simple calculation that compares the total cost of ownership of a LiFePO4 battery compared to three competing lead-acid technologies.

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  • Case Study

    Largest Mexican home appliance manufacturer center: The lithium solution reduced the total cost of inventory ownership in Mexico by 32%

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  • Lithium Batteries for material handling

    Lithium forklift batteries reduce labor costs and improve forklift efficiency and uptime. Select your battery from over 950 options for all forklift types, makes, and models. Forget about maintenance and focus on operations.

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