What products are available at BSL(USA) warehouse?

Author:BSLBATT    Publish Time: 2023-08-22

Do you want to receive the battery faster?

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BSLBATT has established a warehouse in Dallas, which means we can help you receive goods faster and reduce your shipping costs.

Let's take a look at the batteries in the Dallas warehouse. These are 12 volt 24 volt deep cycle lithium batteries, using A grade cells, the smartest BMS, and waterproof plastic shells.

The maximum discharge current can reach 150 amperes, providing 4000 cycles at 80% DOD.Up to four can be connected in series or parallel, which can meet the requirements of Marine, RV, energy storage, and backup power supply. Currently, we have 4 models for 48v option in our Dallas warehouse, with the capacity like 100, 130, 156, and 200 amp hours. And we have a new stock is on the way and will arrive around the end which includes 48v67ah model and the regular 36v option.

By the way, our lithium ion golf cart batteries could be charged by DeltaQ’s charger which means if you have their charger, you could save the cost of buying another golf cart lithium battery chargerThese three are our energy storage batteries, all of which have obtained UL certificates. They can perfectly match most inverters. This one is 5KWH Ultra thin Poweline The thinnest home ESS ever built with just 3.5inch thickness, you can see that it is thinner than a can of cola, but its cycle life can reach 8000 times, the maximum discharge current can reach 150 amps for 5s and the instantaneous discharge current can reach 300 amps for 10 milliseconds. The internal module of the battery adopts the industry-leading FPC assembly process to ensure higher consistency and cycle life!

The intelligent BMS can support 15 PowerLine in parallel. Providing real-time monitoring system and remote debug.

Let's take a look at this big guy -10KWH Classic wall mounted You can directly see the voltage, current, temperature, and battery status from this screen.

Multiple communication interfaces: RS485,RS232 CAN We choose Tier One, A+ battery cells and the smartest BMS Providing over 6000 cycle at 80% DOD , Continuous discharge current up to 200 amperes., up to 30 units can be connected in parallel.

The fifth model of battery, 5KWh Rack mounted There are also three communication interfaces; RS485 RS232 CAN The pull out design makes it easy for us to install and maintain batteries, and you can directly see the basic state of the battery on the panel.

These six small lights reflect SOC, the two next to them reflect whether the battery is working properly. This model provides over 6000 times cycle life at 80%DOD, and up to 63 units can be connected in parallel. These three batteries are packaged with output cables, parallel communication lines, and users manual. ALL right, the above is just a brief introduction to the batteries in the Dallas warehouse, for more detailed information about these products, you can refer to our previous videos, or you can directly inquire on our official website at lithium-battery-factory.com.

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