Winniy ٠ Regional Sales Specialist

Regional Sales Specialist

Winniy graduated from York University in Canada, majoring in economics. She has complete part-time work experience overseas. I have worked in Japan, western restaurants, coffee shops, etc. When working part-time, I often encountered grumpy and picky customers, so dealing with them has cultivated Winniy's very patient and strong character. She has become very self-disciplined and independent, and she can handle everything she encounters perfectly.

Winniy has a very strong learning ability. When she graduated from high school, she received acceptance letters from four universities, two of which were from the University of Toronto. One is from McMaster University and York University. In the end, she chose York University with a scholarship to enter and graduate successfully.

After graduating, she returned to her hometown of Guangdong, joined the BSLBATT team, and became a sales specialist in the Americas, focusing on Canada, the United States, Brazil and other areas in the United States. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact her, Winniy will use professional lithium battery knowledge to bring you the best service!

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